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Party themes for adults – Best ideas

One of the best reasons for growing up is organizing an adult party with your friends. These celebrations can sometimes morph into wild sexual orgies, depending on how intimate you feel with the rest of the attendees. The good thing about taking part in these kinky events is that everything is allowed. You can try out your fantasies with your friends or escorts by playing mature-themed games. Here are some ideas that will help you host the sexiest adult party you can imagine:

Nude celebrations

An adult party does not necessarily have to include sex. So, we will start with the most innocent form of mature celebrations: a nude fiesta. Attendees can bring anything they like except their clothes. You can even invite some of your prude friends as well, provided that they keep only one piece of clothing on. This is the ideal way to get the relationship with your escort or your friends to a new level of intimacy, even if an exhilarating orgasm is not on the menu.

Role-playing fiestas

A much more daring party requires that all attendees wear a kinky costume and impersonate a character. This adds a bit of spice to the whole celebration and it is very likely that some costumes will be swapped between you and your escorts by the end of the night. Everybody loves dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Therefore, this type of adult fiesta will take many introvert people out of their comfort zone.

Shots or dare party

Alcohol turns a good party into a great one. If you fear that your adult-themed get together lacks a bit of throttle, introduce the “Shots or dare” game to the invitees. The rules are very simple: gather all your friends in a large circle and place an empty bottle on the ground. Everyone gets to spin the bottle once. The one to whom the bottle points when it stops spinning has to choose between a sexual dare from the spinner or drink a shot. The best thing about this game is that the ones who refuse the kinky provocations at first will soon become drunk enough to try anything. It is a well-known fact that alcohol brings the best in prude and frigid escorts, so this is a must-play game at your adult party.

Escort swapping parties

Not everybody has a large group of friends willing to engage sexually with each other. That is why you should add some escorts from EROS to the attendee list of your adult fiesta. These hot, beautiful women love to take part in wild celebrations that include kinky sex and role-playing. To make everything even more exciting you can play a model-swapping game with your friends. This will add diversity and excitement to your intense orgy.

Ancient orgies

If you are comfortable with your sexuality and you want to try the ultimate adult party game, transform your fiesta into a genuine orgy. This is the perfect way to show your favorite escort you found on what your true colors are. Rules have less importance in this kind of events and everything quickly becomes a wild celebration similar to what the ancient Romans enjoyed many centuries ago.